Larry W. Harker is known by just about everyone on or around Klinger Lake in one capacity or another. Larry has lived at Klinger for nearly half a century, and has owned homes or cottages on nearly every shore on the lake. An avid fisherman, he knows just about every inch of the lake itself.  For the first 35 years of his working life, Larry was a master plasterer of thousands of area homes and businesses. He also played an integral role in other areas of construction. In other words, Larry knows a well-built home. After years in the real estate business, Larry has helped customers sell and buy more homes on Klinger Lake (and other area lakes) than any realtor in the business. Larry's clients know that he will do anything he can to match them up with the perfect property, or find the ideal buyer for the property they want to sell. Larry Harker deserves the trust placed in him by the thousands of people with whom he has worked.

Larry Harker